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The Delhi Judicial Academy envisions strengthening the justice delivery system through offering continuous Justice Education and Training aimed at not only to build the capacities of the judges, their skills in adjudication, docket as well as court management but to sensitize them about the core constitutional values and also to enforce legally ordained “morality of duty” and “morality of aspiration” in a way which does not lose the sight of “morality of survival” in a country like India.

Apart from imparting judicial education and training to judges from Delhi, other states and from some of the SAARC countries, the Academy undertakes capacity building and sensitization programmes for other functionaries of the justice delivery system in India to comprehensively achieve its vision of imparting quality.



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Hon’ble Mr. Justice Manmohan, Acting Chief Justice, Delhi High Court, Patron-in-Chief, Delhi Judicial Academy

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Yashwant Varma, Judge, Delhi High Court, Chairperson, Judicial Education & Training Programme Committee