Our Vision

The Delhi Judicial Academy envisions strengthening the administration of justice through Judicial Education, Training, Research and Policy Development. It facilitates continuous judicial education and training for enhancing the quality and responsiveness of the justice delivery system. At its core, the Academy remains guided in its pursuit of justice and in its understanding by Constitutional values and morality. Through its programmes, it aims to ensure and fortify a rights based justice delivery system raising judicial accountability to the community.
The Academy fosters dialogue and discussion between all stakeholders of the Justice delivery system - for minimising delays and arrears, improving access to justice, building judicial reasoning, inclusive decision making amongst others. It creates a space for knowledge and experience sharing besides problem solving and exchange of best practices. It is focused on strengthening judicial capacity and independence, inculcating ethical judicial practices, motivating development of professional skills and sharpening of legal knowledge.
As the world evolves so does the justice delivery system. The Academy therefore seeks to keep Judges of the Delhi District Judiciary and other relevant stakeholders abreast with the diverse ever-changing legal and social landscape. It aims to sensitise judicial officers for enabling social context adjudication.