Speech of HMJ G Rohini Former Chief Justice

Valedictory Function of Induction Course for the Delhi Higher Judicial Service, 2015 Batch on 22.01.2016

 ---Justice G. Rohini Chief Justice

  • It is a great pleasure to be with all of you this evening and to associate myself with the Valedictory function of Induction Course for the newly recruited Delhi Higher Judicial Service batch of the year 2015.
  • Being the capital of the country and central part for business and commercial activities, the justice administration system in Delhi is distinct and unique in respect of quality as well as quantum of litigation compared to other places of the country. In fact, Delhi judiciary is considered to be showcase of image of the Indian judiciary. I have observed during my tenure of about two years as Chief Justice that not only the High Court but also the subordinate courts are very often called upon to deal with varied and diverse issues of contemporary importance. Though challenging, such cases provide a great opportunity to a Judge to prove himself or herself and to contribute to the institution of Justice Administration System.
  • All of you are among the few who are fortunate to have such an opportunity.
  • Well ten members of Higher Judicial Service of 2015 batch have completed the Induction Course today and are going to take charge of their office on Monday. At the outset, I extend my hearty congratulations to all of them and I warmly welcome them to the Judicial Family.
  • I am sure that the training that has been offered by the Judicial Academy has helped you to tune yourselves to take over the new assignment with confidence.
  • While wishing you a great success in the coveted task you are going to take over, I would also like to add that this being the first step in your virtuous journey, a direction should be chalked out now itself as to how you are going to serve the common man in pursuit for justice.
  • Please do remember that the office of Judge is not a matter of status and authority but it is a pious responsibility to be discharged with great care, concern and compassion. What is that a common man expects from judiciary? He wants justice - unbiased and expeditious. He cannot and will not appreciate the shortcomings in the system but only wants justice - pure and simple. He is justified in seeking the same since justice is mankind's cherished desire. Therefore, I believe that the first step for every new entrant shall be to choose the right direction to reach the ultimate goal of the judiciary, that is, to achieve the true object of "Justice For All".
  • The society we live in is dynamic and ever changes with time. The law, which deals with the nature of the society as a whole, also keeps on changing. Judiciary, which is an integral part of the society, plays an important role in keeping the society ever dynamic. It has a great responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of the judicial process to achieve the true object of Justice For All. The judiciary is the repository of the confidence of the people. Indian judiciary has enjoyed immense public confidence and has stood the test of time. The common man considers the judiciary as the ultimate guardian of his rights and liberties. Every member of this institution therefore owes a duty to maintain the confidence of the common man in the judiciary.
  • It is in this context we have to analyse the measures to be taken in order to strengthen the institution of judiciary and to uphold its dignity. The first and foremost step in this direction shall certainly be to maintain high standards in the justice delivery system.
  • There cannot be any doubt that efficiency of justice delivery system to a large extent depends on the ability, competence and experience of the members of the judiciary whose duty is to decide the causes and render justice to the litigant public. Please do remember that no Judge of any Court either Constitutional or Subordinate can be confident that his legal knowledge is complete in all respects. Law is a mighty ocean, which keeps changing with the needs of the society. Therefore, we require to constantly keep pace with the ever growing facets of law and shall not loose the zeal to learn.
  • "Hear patiently, consider wisely and decide impartially" are stated to be the essential attributes for any Judicial Officer. I would like to add one more to the above-said three attributes, i.e., "to act courteously". We know courtesy begets courtesy. Just as a Judicial Officer expects the Bar to be respectful to him, it is also essential on his part to extend the same courtesy to the Bar. If a Judge becomes impatient while hearing arguments, who suffers? The cause of justice.
  • The Subordinate judiciary is the backbone of the judicial system. The litigant comes into contact with the Subordinate judiciary essentially. The behaviour of the subordinate judiciary is thus the yardstick by which a common man would judge how the judiciary in the country is functioning.
  • Then comes the most important aspect about maintaining the high values of the judicial life. There is a serious criticism at various levels as to the deterioration in the standards of legal profession and many times the criticism is also against the members of the Judiciary both about their efficiency and integrity. It is really high time to take stock of the situation and to seriously think about the remedial measures so as to revive the glory of this great institution. Every member of the judiciary shall be conscious of the fact that he is looked upon with respect as a repository of justice and is constantly in the public gaze and there should be no act or omission on his part which affects the sanctity of the office he is occupying and the high esteem in the eye of public. He must conduct himself in such a way to uphold the dignity of the judiciary and to reinforce the peoples' faith in the impartiality of the judiciary.
  • Being the Patron-in-chief of Delhi Judicial Academy, let me share with you all - a theory that 1 strongly believe.
  • No Judge can afford to adopt an uncritical attitude towards himself or herself. The Judges, at all levels, must make themselves accountable and ensure that their actions are transparent and are within the parameters set by the Constitution. The Judges must follow the standards of morality and behaviour. Constant evaluation of our own functioning and self-retrospection, therefore, is essential for every Judge.
  • Before concluding, a word of advice which I hope you would take in correct perspective. Do not let the power and authority conferred on you by your office to go to your head since it would diminish empathy. Please remain always humble and discharge your duties with compassion and responsibility and ensure that the flag of this great institution is always held high. 
  •   With this, I conclude, wishing you all the best and with sincere prayer to the Almighty to give you, the strength, courage and fortitude to face the challenging task of justice delivery system.